Plato on thinking
Soul” is a big word I know but what Plato said resonates too much.
Other than sleeping, thinking must be my all time favourite activity.
I used to talk to myself all the time about myself; all things big and small; people who come, stay and go.

Admittedly it’s a tremendously trying and tiring habit.
Just check out the old blogpost that I unearthed.

These post-Jakarta days, I still think a lot but am working on letting go,
not over-thinking and sweating the small things.

Will I succeed or will I fail?

TRY I will!

Thinking parasiteImage credit: http://stasiaburrington.com/2010/09/06/parasites-on-the-brain/


One of those days I think I don’t know how to write anymore…

I’m Stuck. 😦



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