11 November 2013

Back in the little Red Dot with Mister M, Nasyitah continues to dream with pragmatism.

Back in school, she struggle-juggles marking and parenting, creating and sewing, organising and decorating,
and tries very hard to chill, exercise, read, explore and visualise.

She also has no choice but to admit that a Domestic Goddess she is not. Not even a wannabe one.

No matter. She will instead be Nasyitah who works hard at her LOOMs.


Nasyitah’s LOOMs.



Feel free to come on in for a peek of what’s weaving on the LOOMs and say:


Retro Nasyitah specs

About Nasyitah, the Domestic Goddess Wannabe (DGW)

Nasyitah the DGW is a pragmatic dreamer from the little Red Dot who loves to

blog, create, sew and organise,

eat, chill and exercise,

read, explore and visualise.

A daughter, wife, mother and friend constantly seeking ways to inject colours and artistry into the lives of Daddy R, Hubby K, Mister M and all the people she loves.

An educator who derives immense satisfaction from seeing the exuberant and glowing faces of excited learners.

Currently residing in culture-rich Indonesia, Nasyitah the DGW is inspired by the people, sights, sounds, tastes and smells around her.

Gang of Three collage

About Colours of the Domestic Goddess

For starters, Colours of the Domestic Goddess is where the DGW shares her adventures, inspirations, Art and Craft explorations, sartorial creations and community involvement in Jakarta. It is also the perfect place to meet like-minded creatives whom she admires for their artistic vision and authenticity, a place where conversations flow easily across time and space. The DGW always look forward to visitors, receiving feedback about her work, to be on her creative own and at the same time connected to others.

If you are an art-making, crafting and sewing enthusiast or interested in any of the three, do have a look through the projects in ART & CRAFT and WEARABLES.

If you are curious about life in Jakarta, then zoom right in to JAKARTA SOJOURN. There, you will see the DGW’s attempts to make the home away from home as comfortable as possible for herself, K, M and their guests as well as experiences and people unique to this city.

You should also know that in addition to all the things the DGW said she loves, she also talks to herself. A lot. A.O.T. (Any Other Thoughts) is where you will find the self-talk and thoughts about everything she cares about.

The DGW hopes you enjoy viewing Colours as much as she enjoys putting it together. If you have a question, comment or suggestion about anything thing you read here, feel free to use the comment box at the end of each post, email her at zentam@yahoo.co.uk or simply fill in the form below. You can also connect with the DGW on FaceBook and Pinterest.

Many thanks for visiting and hope to hear from you!


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