The Question

“why did this happen?”


“What can I do about it?”

These questions captures the gist of a recurring theme of our mother-and-child talks.

When life gets rough, a natural (or is it learned?: think scenario where kid falls down and doting adults go “bad pavement” and proceeded to stomp on the pavement) response is to point the finger away and say/think “it’s not my fault. It’s …..”.

One of the hard lessons Mister M has learned is that nothing changes with this declaration. So one thing we consciously practice is to think, sometimes out loud, “This sucks. Now what can I do about this?”. Puts us (yup I practice this all the time too cos adults can be forgetful) in a different head space. One of action instead of blame cos face it, the only thing and being we can control when we are sane and sound in the mind is ourselves. Knowing that makes us feel a lot better in this crazy mazy wonderful world.


Handlettering session in progress. These ladies from Beyond Social Services have clearly decided what question they want to ask.


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