Better Late Than Never

The first 22 days of 2016 have passed in a mad dash. This is a post that I wrote on the fifth day of the year:

Today is the fifth day of the new year and I am clueless how 2016 is going to pan out. Many things are not within my control despite meticulous planning anyways. The Future of Us drew a blank for me. No one’s to blame really for who knows what the future holds. I do flinch though when I think of the amount of money that must have gone into the structures designed to awe.

Nevertheless, two things are certain to me: I know the kind of future I want to see and the choices I have to and will make.


Rejoice at the minutest success.


Believing there is a reason for all that happens and have faith that one day it will all make sense.


Being wide-eyed and excited about the world, discovering gems that lie forgotten, neglected.


Constantly questioning, not settling for safety in formula.


Giving time to myself, withdrawing judgements, allowing perspectives to shift. Change takes time. A very long time usually. No matter. The wheels got to be set in motion.

2016 will be a good year Insya Allah (if Allah wills). You can be sure I’ll be working my butt off to make it happen!

*Original artwork by yours truly. 

The stopwatch reads: 12:12.60 secs.



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