Doing Business

I have no inkling on running a business yet this is what I find myself doing, no, struggling with more accurately, in the 40th year of my life. It’s been the steepest learning curve ever and since I don’t have the intention to give up or sink, learn how to swim I will. An invigorating exercise so far.

Just so I remember as I go further and further into the rabbit hole, these are some important lessons learnt:

  1. Change the rules of the game, make it your game. It doesn’t matter how much time you have been given to talk, take whatever time you need to get your message across.
  2. Sell your brand, not yourself. Distance is good.
  3. Humour always help! Don’t take people and things too seriously. Have even more fun!
  4. Remain true to yourself. There will be things which mean more than anything else, things which will not be compromised.
  5. Money is not your enemy. It is a means to achieve your social mission.

The LOOMs Social Mission

Remember, remember, remember.

Bring it on 2016!

Stopwatch: 13:29.37



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