15-Minute Writing

One of my goals for 2016 is to do everything more efficiently. Spend less time and do more. Starting with writing. I spend way too much time wavering between what I really want to write and ended up with a piece that takes me half a day and not quite what I started to write about. So yah, I aim to write a piece everyday using under 15 minutes as practice for focused writing. Because there is really gazillion things I need to do, want to do.

Here’s how I think it’ll go:
Pick a theme. Grab the first one that floats in my head and just write non-stop for 15 minutes. I’m sure it’ll be crappy and weird initially but we’ll see how it pans out. I’ll keep at it for one month (the amount of time the smart people say we got to keep at something in order for it to become a habit and to go somewhere). If nothing happens, I’ll go back to my meandering writing ways.

Stopwatch reads: 06:20.81.

A good start.

Why wait till 2016 to start living the way I want to?



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