Death By Too Much Loving

What does one do when the list of To-Dos stare back crisp and clean? Words getting typed and deleted and then retyped. Ideas swim around, not settling. That prickly feeling anxiety sends up and down one’s nape gets more and more pronounced.

One starts to run away with thoughts of perceived value vs. real value; how something as liberating as the internet is in fact making our world tinier; what is it about the Japanese that makes them such delightful service people and shop keepers; the grass is always greener cliché; can anyone be loved to death?

There is a woman who does not believe in corporal punishment and prefers to reason with logic. She is understanding and tolerant of behaviour she attributes to youthful misjudgement. She opts for positive reinforcements before the need for taking punitive measures arises. She chooses to be unfazed under trying circumstances for she knows that developing the strength of character takes time and patience.

All these, to her, is love.

Unfortunately in the fast-paced island she lives on, time is never on anyone’s side.

Before she loves someone to death on this speedster land, she decides to put on a stony face so strength of character can be developed in half the time.

It better.




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