The Indispensible Village

I remember reading an excellent post on Huffpost Parents where the writer Emma Jenner lamented that parents today have lost “the village” in the parenting quest. The village made up of “bus drivers, teachers, shopkeepers and other parents” who would keep an eye out for the children and acted as “mum and dad’s eyes and ears when their children were out of sight”. A village made up of people supporting one another to raise “proper boys and girls”.

Like Jenner, I believe that it takes more than the nuclear family to nurture our children. Fortunately, our village is very much intact and there for us whether they know it or not. This precious village made up of immediate and extended family members, friends and teachers is supporting Mister M, in one way or another seeing him through relocation blues, on-going growing pains and the pursuit of his dreams.

Hard-At-Work Mister M

Hard-At-Work Mister M


What a joy it is to see Mister M becoming a helpful grandchild, loving big cousin and considerate son. A person who is developing his Self and at the same time cares about what is happening around the world. A learner who is determined to overcome inertia and the fear for a language he identifies very little with.

Thank you dear uncles and aunties (family and friends), cousins, granddies and bibik for loving, caring and being concerned enough to remind, guide, fight and cheer Mister M on.

Thank you dear teachers for guiding, encouraging and motivating him to put in the his best effort. The impact a teacher has on a child’s life can be clearly seen in Mister M.

May the Village live on!




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