A Man With A Great Vision For Education

I was first introduced to the Khan Academy when I went for a talk on audience engagement in the arts a few months ago. Googled it up and found out that the founder of the said academy, an American online learning platform, is the brain-child of another Salman Khan, MIT graduate and wiz educator. His videos explaining mathematical concepts are so clear and simple that they got Mister M hooked. For once I didn’t mind so much that Mister M was stuck to the computer screen. We also discovered that Khan had more than Math videos. There are educational clips on Science, English, History and a whole host of pre-tertiary and tertiary subjects as well. Signed up for an account quickly for Mister M to fiddle around with. After awhile both Mister M and I thought: Khan Academy pretty much made redundant conventional schools. Haha if only 😏 There is, of course, definitely value in the interaction a physical school offers although in certain cases, the potential for teacher-student and student-student interactions are barely reached due to various circumstances and reasons. I can of course go on and on about this but this is hardly the point of this post.

So what is the point?:
1) Sal Khan’s mission is mind-blowingly simple: Free world-class education for all. It conjures up an educational utopia where knowledge is everyone’s right and acquired for knowledge’s sake. The other end of the spectrum is where education is monetized for the purpose of out-doing one another. Those who are familiar with the Singaporean tuition scene, think a certain Lab housed at United Square and the other smaller outfits that have mushroomed all over the island.

Imagine: Free world-class education for all. Oh how merely thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

2) The articles that Sal Khan shares via regular email updates. This is one of them: https://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/95208400815/the-learning-myth-why-ill-never-tell-my-son-hes?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=All%20Parents&utm_campaign=Sal%20Op-ed%20Email%20%28Parents%29

I will attempt to talk a bit more about the article in the next post. In the mean time, do read it especially if you find yourself struggling with it.



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