Book-Making III

Finally met M after 2 years!

M and I go all the way back to secondary school when we were angst-ridden, Literature-loving teens arguing our way through life. Maybe it was just me who made all that noise. Heh. What I know for a fact is that my mid-teen years would have been absolutely awful without M’s presence. Though we spent lesser and lesser time together as we grew older with her moving overseas to pursue an academic’s life and me in Sg busying myself with work and family, an understanding connects us. Despite the distance and time lapses between each meeting, we always have a good time talking, arguing, laughing and agreeing to disagree with one another. Precious.

If this is no good reason to make M a book I don’t know what is.

Here’s the story of M’s book in 5 parts.

1 Prologue
Book-Making III Lines

2 Materials
Book-Making III Papers

3 Process I
Book-Making III Binding Collage Book-Making III Adding Cover Book-Making III Glamourising
Book-Making III Golden Strip Book-Making III Cover for the Cover Book-Making III Covers

4 Process II
Book-Making III Print Materials Book-Making III PrintedBook-Making Line Drawing CollageBook-Making Quote CollageBook-Making III Pages Collage
5 The End
Book-Making III Printed Cover
Book-Making III Cover Details Book-Making Handcrafted

There you have it, the story of M’s book.



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