Book-Making II

Some months back, Mister M made the acquaintance of 2 boys his age, Mister BY and Mister I. The 3 of them are half of the team representing Singapore at the Asia Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka, Japan. More about the APCC later. Back to Mister M and his friends. During the recent June school holidays, the boys stayed for a sleep-over prior to their Japanese lesson and performance rehearsal the next day.

The house was filled with their cheeky antics, laughter and chatter as they played and ate. Bibik W and I were tickled pink and laughing at their antics behind their backs half the time. What fun!

Boys At CompFirst the desktop,

The Boys Gaming Collagethen the Wii. These kids don’t know what they are missing…

Dinner time

For dinner, I decided to serve my usual homemade burgers packed with green stuff that most kids are not too hot about and this was the funny Q &A that ensued:

The boys: “What’s this?”
Me: “Burgers and air-fried fries”
The boys: “Why are the burgers green? Is there vegetable in it?”
Me: “Why can’t burgers be green? Do you see vegetables in it?”
The boys: “No”
Me: “Take a bite.”
They gamely bit into their food.
Me: “Do you taste vegetables?”
The boys: “No.”
After further chewing,
The boys: “They taste like beef.”
Me: “Because it is beef. Now finish up your food.”
And they did 🙂 

The next day, as the boys were getting ready to go for their intensive prep session, we realised they didn’t have notebooks to take down notes in so I quickly cut, stapled and taped together something. 

This one is so simple anyone can make it. I call it the You-Can-Make Notebook.



Notebooks for the BoysYou-Can-Make Notebook

+ For the insides, sheets of ruled paper (I used foolscap sheets) or plain ones
+ For the front cover, construction paper of your choice colour
+ For the back cover, foam sheets or cardboard of your choice cover
+ Washi tape


Cutting board
Metal ruler



1. With steady hands, cut the paper and foam sheet for the insides and front and back covers to size using the metal ruler and cutter. Use the cutting board to protect your work surface. I like the cutter and metal ruler as they ensures a neat cut.
Tip: If you are not confident with cutting or if you are getting children to make their own notebooks you can get ready-cut paper and cards from stationery stores

2. Align and arrange all the pieces of paper and foam sheet and clip them in place.

3. Staple them along the side you want to bind. Staple about 0.5 to 1 cm away from the edge of the stack, depending on the size of your notebook.

4. Cover the staples with Washi tape. This step in both functional and decorative, prevents staple cuts and beautify at the same time so do be sure to choose matching tape.

Apologies about the lack of instructional photos to accompany the steps as I had about 10 minutes to get the books done. Yup it’s that easy.

Do try it out and share photos of your own You-Can-Make Notebook 🙂


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