Book-Making I Part Two


Figured I should do this before another 4 weeks pass me by. I know. Procrastination is deliciously dangerous. And additive.

As I was saying in Book-Making I Part One, a wedding guest book’s got to be special and my book of painted cotton covers and unique pages was not quite there yet. 20140710-201847-73127698.jpg
Oh what was I to do? Only less then a week to the wedding and I’m stuck. I had no idea how to special-fy the book. Just as I found myself having to deal with another bout of self-doubt the light bulb flashed: Starfish! How more glamorous a sea creature can one get then starfishes! (I didn’t mention the wedding had a seaside theme did I?) Toyed with the idea of getting my hands on some dried starfish specimens and slap them on with some super adhesive. Somehow that didn’t appeal to me. Don’t know how but another lightbulb flashed: Mulberry paste paint!

20140710-202859-73739846.jpg Tiny pot of mulberry paste paint and tools.

The tweezer is for transferring the paste paint to the working surface and the bulb-headed stick helps to mould the paint into whatever relief shape one desires. Super cool right?! Fiddled with the material for a while before I achieved the desired effect.

20140710-203246-73966148.jpg See the difference the sea creatures make?

20140710-203246-73966765.jpg Close-up.

Woohoo! What’s left is just for the paste paint to dry and set and my job was done.

Hang on. Initials.

20140710-203855-74335638.jpg Introducing the couple!

20140710-203856-74336402.jpg Highlights.

And quote.

20140710-205514-75314787.jpg From the Greek poet Homer no less.

20140710-210241-75761264.jpg Finally.

Off I went to deliver the goods and was immediately stabbed by sadness as I parted ways with this little piece of me I tinkered with for an entire week.

Haha silly me!

This is only a beginning.

Book-Making II coming your way soon!



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