Book-Making I Part One

This post was originally titled ‘Combining Practices’ a good four weeks ago. Yup that’s how long I have procrastinated. Four weeks and two more handmade books(Actually it’s more like one and a half handmade books. You see what I mean when I get down to writing Book-Making IV.) later, I am making myself put the pictures I have taken and doctored down.

Come to think of it, I’ve always loved making books. I made little record books detailing the loans and returns of my humble library collection at age 7. Or 8. Or maybe 9. I also made a jute-covered storybook for the hubs during dating days and little hand-sewn note books for my gal pals B., K. and A. before returning to SG last June.

So when gal pal Randy asked me if I would help with her wedding guest book, I jumped at the opportunity!

It has to be a special book so the first thing I did was to tea-stain the pages. I love applying tea to the sheets of paper without a care in the world. I love having to wait patiently for the tea to dry and feeling a joyful glow when the tea pooled and dried created really gorgeous textures. I love how one tea-stained sheet is different from the next.

Ok you get the point I’m sure: I love tea-staining. 20140709-165512-60912591.jpg After the sheets dried, they were gathered and arranged. Tried several arrangements of the pages before I decided that tissuey paper must be inserted in between them to soften the look. Yes Mister M, your mother is meticulous, not OCD, like that.

20140710-124441-45881716.jpg Mister M’s mother is also quite well-organised might I add. Cos she worked on painting the cotton covers while the sheets laid drying.


20140710-123735-45455575.jpg Front.


And worked the painted cotton into front and back covers.

20140710-125303-46383021.jpgScoring the cardboard gives a nice bend when the book opens.

Alright time to bind!

By then I was so excited that I started to feel nervous. You know like how you imagine something being perfect and it just turned out not? Yah I doubt myself A LOT. Anyways, self-talked out of my silliness and continued working.

20140710-120719-43639074.jpg Excited frenzy.


Zen-ly poking bind holes proved quite therapeutic for a frenzied mind.

20140710-131621-47781183.jpg Measured, poked and sewn!

With this upside-down photo collage I conclude the first part of my virgin serious book-making.

Coming soon: Processes of making this baby wedding guest book-worthy.

Cheers and happy Thursday folks!



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