The 30-Day Vegetarian

Yup I’m talking about me. Today marks my 6th herbivoral day and seems befitting a day for me to celebrate with a post:

Being a chubby baby, tubby child and dangerously heavy teenager, my early adulthood was spent obsessing over food, what to eat and how to not eat. I began cutting food portions drastically and exercising like I never had, learning  swimming from S who dragged me to strength training sessions with her and gyming at every chance I get. All that discipline and hard work got me to the lightest and fittest I possibly will be.

In the years that follow, although I fluctuated aplenty, flirting with one fad diet after another (half-heartedly most of the time) and tried out various exercise routines, I remained lighter and more importantly healthier (I hope!) and happier.



Fast-forward 11 days.

As you can see I have the habit of beginning a post, stopping for the lack of inspiration, and coming back to it when the mood strikes me. Unfortunately there are also numerous times when the feel for a certain post gets lost and the post gets chucked into the bin. It was initially hard for me to do that, to let go of posts that just don’t seem to go anywhere but I’m learning.

Whoops I digress!

Back to vegetarianism and the point of me giving you all that background info earlier. I’m on a never-ending quest to find the best foods to eat cos that’s just me.

And so, on the 17th day as a 30-Day Vegetarian, I honestly declare the following stats:

  • 1 nasi lemak cheat meal. Cheat food: Fried Chicken wings
  • 2 fish curry cheat meal. Cheat food: Duh…A fistful of food per meal
  • 1 cousin’s wedding lunch cheat banquet. Cheat food: The entire banquet! Thank goodness everything was worth their weight in taste. But a cheat is a cheat as Mister M kindly reminded me. Yup. I stand reprimanded.

And realisations about myself as an eater:

  •  Meat and poultry really do not rock my boat.
  • Sugar and dairy are harder to abstain from than meats.
  • Seafood will always have a special place in my tummy.
  • Meatless foods can be yummy too!


And on this 17th day as an experimental (and cheating) vegetarian, I dare say the self-imposed dietary restrictions have made me more aware of the food I eat and I like that very much. Mindlessness begets complacency and makes me lazy. Plus it is really fun googling up healthful vegetarian meals and snacks! Check them out on my Pinterest “Cook ‘Em” board! Some of these dishes are so delicious that even hardcore carnivores like them (erhm, when they are served with meaty sides that is :s)

All right then! I’ll be taking my leave to get some vegan wanton going for Iftar tonight.

A very blessed Ramadan to my fellow Muslim readers.



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