To Jakarta And Back

11 days passed in a flash. One day we were lazing by the pool with traffic sounds behind us and the next we were in mid-air headed back to orderly Sg. It was a fulfilling period of meeting and greeting, cleaning and cooking, washing and ironing, playing and chilling, going to the movies and karaoke-ing, and of course, eating and eating and eating.

Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves tremendously, Mister S (Mister M’s cousin), Ms RLee (our awesome-company-and-always-game-for-good-food friend who managed to join us in our fray at the last minute), Mister M and me. We love the yacking, hanging out, drinking coffee, devouring chicken cooked in different ways and gnawing on barbecued beef ribs. I’m sure I have missed many other faves so let’s have the photos do the talking!

Day 1: Two cool dudes wannabe and one overly-excited Mdm.

This summarises what the boys were up to while Papa K was at work.

Day 4: Made my first laksa with instructions from the Hubs for friends from office. Couldn’t get certain ingredients so had to improvise. Turned out well, thanks to Hubsy’s addition of sambal terasi that gave the gravy an extra kick!


Food Glorious Food. Row 1, from left: Gudeg, Marugame Udon, Hayam Wuruk (BBQed chicken with crumble in your mouth bones). Row 3, from left: Churros, Nasi Tutug from teSate, Pacific Place, Klapper Taart from teSate.

Surprising yield when one braves the Jakartan pavements and traffic while walking. Photo credit: Ms RLee.

Ended up at Pasar Mayestik for textiles and tailoring.

20140612-230516-83116766.jpg Kidzania and mucking around at Pacific Place. We spent a bit of time in the toilet as you can tell!

More food and gaming. Row 1, from left: Iga and super thick-cut fries, Nasi Goreng Bombom and Krispy Kreme. Row 2: Happy eaters. Row 3: Gamers in… swimmers…

The food and fun aside, the reason why Mister M and I love going back to Jakarta is because it is also home where the heart is.

So long Jakarta and Papa K. See you in July! 🙂



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