Nasyitah’s LOOMs

“What exactly do you want to do?”, asked the hubs.

Just the prod I needed to finally begin work after dreaming and talking. Spent the past 3 hours at my workspace I nicknamed LOOMs
measuring, cutting, drawing and pedaling away.
20140612-160246-57766634.jpg Why LOOMs? Well, I like to imagine myself as the weaver who labours by her machine creating unique pieces of cloth. I want to create scarves, each piece different from the next. Scarves which are simple in aesthetics, painterly and at the same time embellished with surprising details. These scarves would eventually be made from organic natural fabrics (cottons, linens and silks), coloured with environmentally safe dyes (flowers, fruits and spices) and enhanced with up-cycled materials.

There you have it: LOOMs Scarves summarized in a paragraph.

Right now, I will be contented working with untreated cotton and colouring it with fabric paint and the kitchen staple of coffee and tea.

Here’s a peek at what I worked on:

20140612-165252-60772068.jpg Embroidering circles.


20140612-165415-60855320.jpg Pleasant wavy surprise caused by pulling of the corduroy material while machine-embroidering.

20140612-165619-60979537.jpg Beigey blooms.

20140612-165648-61008214.jpgAnother one up close.

I must say I am pretty pleased with the results of today’s labour.

Next up:
– Testing coffee and tea staining on scrap strips.
– Painting a test piece.
– Hemming the test piece.

Can’t wait till tomorrow!



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