The Weekend In Pictures

Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Part and parcel of life. Here’s cheers to all of them.

20140526-120532-43532425.jpgFlowers always make my day. Got a bunch of them from the fresh cut flowers wholesale center at FEF and voila!


20140526-121209-43929984.jpgAs you can see I was also busy fiddling with my new photo App: Fotor! It an all-in-one-amazeton of an App. There are filters, stickers, font types, borders and collaging functions to boot. Super easy to use and you can share your edits immediately on several platforms and chats too. And no, the people at Fotor did not pay me to say this.


20140526-122400-44640428.jpgExcitedly experimenting with tea-staining on canvas only to find myself…

20140526-122459-44699689.jpgSo attempted to continue working on R & D’s guest book and found myself, yes you guessed it, stuck again.

20140526-123057-45057891.jpgwhat else can one do but to move on? (No worries R from the pair. I’ve since gotten unstuck!)

20140526-125346-46426633.jpgSo, watched an inspiring Absolutely by P the Tornado, managed a quick catch up with lovely ex-students followed by a knock-you-out-coffee-catch-up chit-chat session with M.E.


20140526-140959-50999360.jpgCapturing little Miss V over Daddy R’s birthday lunch. Burp!



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