Parenting Mister M

Mister M and I are more similar than I think. We both talk to ourselves a lot and need space so that we can sort things out in our heads.

That was what I thought. I was right and wrong. Mister M needs space all right but he also needed me to hear what he is not saying and see what he is not showing. He does that not in a show of defiance but confusion. It is so easy for this eager beaver mum to forget the boy she sees is not the big, strong and emotionally hardy one portrayed by his appearance.

20140526-183709-67029959.jpgSo yes, although Mister M didn’t take well to the Pick-An-Activity-A-Weekend cards prepared, this mum’s going to look through the angry words and unreasonable actions, realise that there must be a reason behind them and try again.


Because Mister M has in more than one way and one day showed that when mummy tries hard to change her ways, he will work just as hard to make it Mother’s Day everyday.

Sure there’ll be lapses but patience pays.

As Beckett so wisely put (and this is not the first time I’m quoting him, thanks to the LoML, Mr K.),

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

Thank you Mr Beckett!



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