Yes To Love, Joy & Hope!

“If we offend, it is with our good will.
That you should think we come not to offend, but with good will.”
——- Quince, in A Midsummer’s Night Dream

It takes all kinds to make this world. That’s cool. I’m pro-choice. One has the right to be whatever one wants to be.

Most of the time.

There’s just one one kind of people I don’t get. The Martyrs. The kind who volunteers to be burnt alive when everyone could have banded together to overthrow the oppressors. The kind who stubbornly refuses to see that there are solutions to every problem and chooses to plough on under inhumane circumstances.

What’s up with that? Life’s too short for martyrdom.

Oh begone nasty thoughts!

Here are some things that got me really fired up. Feels good to be creating again!

20140522-225157-82317848.jpgLesson planning after almost two months. Tough work but loads of fun. Really.

20140522-230019-82819751.jpgStaining paper for a vintage-vibed beach themed wedding guest book is fun too but in a different, calming way. I can’t wait to put the guest book together. Yes it will be 100% handmade with hand-printed fabric covers and hand-sewn. (I am fighting the urge to use lots of exclamation marks here…) And yes look out for my post on the book-making adventure 🙂

Here’s one last thing I’d like to end the night with…

20140522-231513-83713157.jpg…because we must surround ourselves with love, joy and hope, the things that make us tick.




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