Mother’s Day Everyday

Mister M and I began today yesterday like any other day. With no fanfare, no drama and no “Happy Mother’s Day”.

And So The Day Went Quietly By 1

Right. Maybe the day is more like MOST ordinary days. Like any mum will know and non-mum can imagine, life’s peppered with fun & exciting moments with an 11-year old behaving like 7 half the time and your father the other half.

So the boy decided yesterday on Saturday he better prepare his mother that she’s not going to get any presents as he is broke. We laughed about it over a hug and I told him he knows what sort of presents I really want. Later the day when the Woodlands side of the family gathered for our weekly eatmeet&talk, we were all reminded over prayers that in Islam, we must hold our mothers in the highest regard everyday. Everyday is mother’s day. I caught Mister M rubbing his reddened eyes and I knew the message hit home.

Back to today.


I stopped short at completing this blog post yesterday because I was too busy trying to cool down from my long walk (yup I type on my WordPress app on the go), get lunch ready and process the fact that my son just pulled a Mother’s Day surprise on me without me having a clue, credit to his father for giving him a nudge.

When he appeared at the doorway singing (ok he didn’t really sing but you know moms when it comes to their kids…) “Happy Mother’s Day!” bearing a Swensen’s ice-cream cake, I was speechless. Apparently his choice of cake was influenced by my innocent question “Are you going to buy mummy a Mother’s Day cake from Swensen’s?” which I had forgotten by now.

Mother's Day Everyday Collage 1

When he presented me with a plainly-decorated card that reads:

Dear Mummy,

Thank  you for all the amazing things that you have done!
You have made me happier by staying at home.
Please do forgive me for all the sins I have committed
and times I have made you sad 😦
After all, have a happy MOTHER’S DAY!

Love: Mateen

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to smile or cry.

For the rest of the day he was attentive and obliging. He was there whenever I needed help. He also gamely recorded the duration of time he was using the desktop, laptop and handphone. To top it all up, he tried his very best to focus and be proactive when I went through Chinese vocabulary with him albeit rubbing his eyes and sighing every now and then.

Today, one day after Mother’s Day, Mister M remains considerate and obedient.

Looks like he is working hard to make everyday his mother’s day.

Keep it up Mister M! Mummy’s rooting for you!




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