The Importance of Being Thankful

It has been almost four months since my last post.

As usual many things happened:

Family CollageEnjoyed lots of family time,

Friends Collagefound new friends and connected with old ones,

Umrah Collageexperienced a beautiful Umrah*,

Birthday Collagecelebrated lives,

made resolutions;
looked at familiar things with new eyes and mind;
worked hard at work and harder at home.

For four months enriched with the flavours of life, Thank You.


Shadow walker

This post also marks the start of my wandering into another way of being.

Finally after 15 years in the education service, I left a predictable salaried life on 31 March 2014 to embrace full-time mothering and self-directing. At the same time, I am working hard to be the child I want my son to be and tending to the ideas flash-bulbing in the brain.

In the 15 years as an educator, I grew as a person and discovering my passion for teaching. I found ways to meld art and theatre with my vocation, giving my first loves purpose. My interactions with various people over the years have brought the frog in me out of the well, humbled me and taught me to be compassionate and understanding. I now know that when faced with a daunting amount of work, what we need really is a cup of tea with good friends to keep us going. In all three schools I have been in, I formed firm friendships and met appreciative bosses who gave me opportunities to test and better myself. I experienced setbacks which taught me lessons that money can never buy but I also tasted success that affirmed me as an educator. I groused about programmes, policies and initiatives I do not agree with. At the same time there are people who showed me that it is possible to remain positive and proactive in the face of difficulties. Some of them are still ploughing on as I write. They are my Inspirations. Again, Thank you.

ACSBR CollageFinal batch of students.


My students, past and not-so-past, too inspire me to seek new ways to do old things, to remember the importance of keeping a young heart; to be kinder than I need to be because it is tough being a teenager; to discipline firmly because it is going to be even tougher when teenagers become adults. And now, with Mister M coming into his own, I see him in them and them in him. They have infected me with their enthusiasm and thirst for life. They are also the ones who give meaning to what I do as an educator. I beam with pride when I see these young people become young women and men leading meaningful and satisfying lives. For the fun, laughter, hope and purpose, Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you Allah** for the freedom to choose my path.
I promise to make good of what I have been blessed with
and pray sincerely to remember
to be always thankful
and joyous
The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest“***.

Finally, apologies to the many whose images I did not manage to reproduce here.




*Mini pilgrimage that Muslims take
**Arabic for GOD.
*** credits: William Blake


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