Here We Go Again

Here I am again at the Changi Airport Terminal 2 waiting to begin another round of 3 cities in 3 days. Although the circumstances under which I’m traveling this time round are different from the last, it is no less harrowing and, I have to admit, exciting. It is especially so after a past two packed weeks of mishaps and celebrations.

20131218-162214.jpgThe Habsah and Mamat clan partying in Pattaya, Mister M’s mishap, The Tans celebrate with food and Original Brownies from The Pastry Project for Mister M’s doctors and nurses.

20131218-162309.jpgMdm W’s wedding monogram and henna, Por Por Phang’s big day and 2 more days to Umrah (mini pilgrimage) Alhamdullilah!

To begin with, Mister M had fallen off his bike and broke his arm. Splat goes the boy and pop goes the plans for brunch at MacDonald’s 10 meters away and canoeing at Bedok Reservoir the next day as his elbow went praaack on the concrete pavement.

Seeing him sprawled on the ground right after returning from 5 days of frolicking in the sun, windsurfing and banana boating was rather bizarre and it took a long while before the severity of the incident hit me. Actually the realization only set in when I saw the X-ray of his elbow.

Before anyone accuses me of being an uncaring mother, I have to say that the doctors assured me that a fractured elbow is a very common occurrence in children. They also mentioned that Mateen is the oldest patient they have encountered. Pride swelled as I thought briefly: “Yahoooo! My baby has finally joined the ranks of reckless feckless boys!”.

I did assert earlier that I love Mister M heaps right?

20131218-150955.jpgSee the clean break and dislocation?

20131218-151052.jpgFrom the park to the ambulance to the ward, all in the smelly glory of a good workout. I know, EWE!!! Sorry all!

Kudos to Mister M for being stoic in the face of pain and maintaining an appetite his late nenek would have been proud of. He snapped awake from General Anesthesia after the procedure and licked his packet of chicken rice clean.

20131218-180033.jpgMister M’s reward after a 14-hour fast.

There’s nothing that cannot be soothed by food right? Soon after Mister M’s discharge from the hospital, there was celebrations one after another and food, glorious food.


Then comes the climax of the tale of two weeks: there’re only 3 more days left to our Umrah and there’s no news of our Saudi visa application being successful, and its resolution: the visas are finally done! Since there’s not enough time to ensure Mr. K’s passport get to him in time for the flight back to Singapore tomorrow evening, in comes the personal courier!

Guess what?

The plane has come to a stop now and it’s time for me to take the infamous Jakartan traffic head on.

Happy Midweek all!



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