Re-post: Thinking and Pesky Parasites

Thinking parasite

Feeling nostalgic, I decided to visit my now-dormant Blogspot blog. Look what I found:


My brain has been feeling like it is slowly being shrink-wrapped with fibre glass mesh for the past few weeks.

Thank god I am not a hypocondriac (as my lovely husband believes) or I would have gone crazy with worry. Nope, I do not think I am going to die from the condition but I do think that it is a manifestation of the things that might kill me…………………………………………………………………
Okay it is not that bad. Maybe my brain feels that way because I think too much… Yup! I think about Kamal my husband, Mateen my son, Nasyitah myself and all the things I need to do, how to do them and sometimes why do I need to do them, what will happen if I do not do them and how happy I will be if I do not do some of them.But I like thinking! Especially about the people I love and things I love to do for and with them. (Them includes family, friends and little boys and girls I see from Mondays to Fridays)Imagine making a mistake and not thinking about it. I bet the mistake will happen again. It is like a phenomenon I observed during Art lesson: When asked to draw a circle, student X draws a somewhat-like-but-not-a-circle shape. When asked to assess what he/she has done, student X is able to see that what he/she had drawn is not a circle but that unique shape. So being a dutiful and eager-to-do-right student, he/she immediately erases the shape furiously and re-draws with great care. Guess what? More often than not, student X always end up unknowingly tracing the invisible shape that he/she has drawn before. Once the unique shape is erased and forgotten, student X will do what is familiar: drawing it again! So you see, the same mistake gets remade over and over again.Research on the aging brain also revealed that brains engaged in meaningful activity are less likely to suffer from monsters like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

I can go on and on about how thinking is definitely good for us but I think I might be missing my point: shrink-wrapped brains.

It is the parasites. Yup! My compressed and deprived-of-air brain is reacting to the parasites in my life. They can be anywhere and can take any form. Some will pretend to be good for/to you but once you are not careful, you will fall into their trap and be enslaved to feed their self-serving aims. Look closely around you and you might find yours too.

One thing is for sure, if your brain is screaming at you like how mine is, it is time to inject a big dose of enthusiasm, laughter and bright-eyed innocence to fight the baddies!

Time to go for a good, long, walk and banish those parasites!


A good scrub and wash might do the trick too! 🙂


(Parasite girl image credits: Stasia Burrington)


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