Slowly Decorating and Spiritually Re-aligning

Surfing, pinning, blogging, while trying to get the post-renovated abode Raya-ready in 4 days is pure indulgence and necessity for one can get so caught up in and worn out by the project and develop blinkered vision.

This is where this HOUZZ article comes in. What a timely reminder to not rush into things, to make considered choices and feel happy about every single phase the space is in.

Tap into what you loveMusic Nook

We LOVE: Bought this Salvo table during our Sydney student and extended-honeymooning days. It has a laminate covered solid wood top and legs and so is pretty hefty for a table this size. Covered the top with fiery red and orange decals from day 1 and still loving the warm hues. The CDs belong to the hubs. These babies are part of a collection mainly from the pre-MP3/4 era and definitely staying put where they are.

Think vintage and free first

That goes without saying! Scavenged for antique goodies from day 1.

Underneath the worn-out laminate is some beautiful dark wood. Unfortunately there’s no time to even consider saving the wood from the rust-crumbed legs and garish cover so back it has gone to where it came from.

The dark chairs sit beautiful but are in serious need of good sanding and painting and of course there is no time for that too.

So ya, think vintage and free first but keep your senses intact for reality checks!

Say no to disposable furniture

Book nook
The set of custom-made bookshelves are still serving us fine after slight remodelling. Got the contractor to help streamline it by removing the top bulky piece and adding laminate to wrap up raw wood. Much sleeker now.
Going to take our time to find the ideal console to sit in this entertainment nook of ours! 🙂

Splurge intelligently

What we really need now is a new console and rug for the nook. Perhaps it’s time to save up for something from Lava East. Hmmm…

Keep busy when the funds are low

Pot holders
Little touches go a long way on days when I feel/have to be penny-pinching. Here’s something that a friend with awesome ideas and nifty fingers gifted me. There’s also the gorgeous Tulisan apron from another pal hanging from the open shelf unit to hide all the clutter. (It beautifies the cook too Shohrah. Love it!) Thank you ladies!

Then there is definitely Decoupage. Super easy to do and you can cover anything with
paper and Mod Podge.
Magnets, serving trays, photo frames, tissue boxes, furniture (one more future DIY to add to the list.), note books…

So there are only 4 more days to Hari Raya. So our space is far from perfection. So there are still 101 things I need or think I need to do to it.


A perfectly curated and decorated house is not what the day after a month of fasting is about anyway.

So now, before it’s too late, let the efforts to create a happy and comfortable space for the young and old not distract me from the annual spiritual spring-cleaning that is a privilege.




6 thoughts on “Slowly Decorating and Spiritually Re-aligning

  1. Just read ur new musings. The pic well taken and show off the rooms in the best light. Show more!! See what u hv for h r p⭐

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