Monologuing the Move

Packing to move 2
Exactly one year after the mad rush of working full time, letting go of things, throwing or giving them away, stuffing belongings into DHL boxes (many of which #1 shook his head at and true to his dismay many books I brought still have not been read) and suitcases, I am doing the same things all over again.

Packing to move

The monologist I am, my mind went in different directions again and these are just some random thoughts plucked from the head:

Similarities between move 1 and 2:
1) The realization that I have one too many bags, shoes and clothes.
2) I am feeling the last minute anxieties again. The feeling of having too many things to do in too short a time. I need 5 more 20 days at least!

I need 5x20 days more!

Differences between move 1 and 2:
1) It’s easier to let go of things this time round. Especially when someone wrote a book that makes going simple sounds so easy and appealing. (Arrgghhh I forgot her name and the title of the book and spent the past 30 minutes googling it up I can so kick myself!) I don’t think I’ll reach her level of zenness when it comes to earthly possessions but I aim to stop buying another pair if shoes, bag, item of clothing… Ok for at least a year.
2) I am not working and the world of difference it makes! It’s so much easier to be nice to myself when there’s a bit more time. Just when the thought hit me this morning I saw Trina of my favorite lalalovely post about loving ourselves more. This is not the first time her post totally resonates and clicks with me. Need I say more why she is my favouritest blogger?

Let’s be a bit more positive shall we? Here are some things I’m excited about the move this time round:
1) Reuniting with family and friends
2) House renovation
3) Having dad and grannie moving in with us
4) Going back to teaching (but not every other non-teaching related task though!)
5) Developing looms (I’ll be writing more about this soon so look out for it!)

Dali Moustache Fun

Ok that’s it for now. I better go get some sleep for a 430 am start to Bukittinggi and Padang in West Sumatra for the long weekend. Super excited 🙂

Have a great rest of the week too everyone!

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