The Shoe Cabinet Community

Shoe Cabinet
This is the shoe cabinet that sits right next to the doorway.
Solidly made and functional.
Boring as boring can be
and desperately needs jazzing up!

Shoe Cabinet After

With this community of  precious and significant objects atop the steady old shoe cabinet greeting me,
I am a much happier DGW leaving and returning home!

Shoe Cabinet Collage

Now let’s get acquainted with the various members of this community:

Shoe Cabinet Gryphon
The Gryphon
by Nick Bantock: A gift to hubbs, who shared with me lots of
beautifully things and ideas, to celebrate fatherhood.

Shoe Cabinet Card Collage
Hari Raya greeting card from our Indonesian friends
Nia, Didi and their children, Nadia and Wisnu.
Without them it would have been a lot more trying settling down in in Jakarta.

Shoe Cabinet Community Objects
1) My first piece of work in Jakarta inspired by batik.
2) Salvo carry-case from Sydney days.
3) Peranakan tiffin carrier gifted by bestie MaYe.
4) Malaccan souvenir from my maiden solo Malaysian pre-marriage trip.
5) Scent diffuser welcoming gift from Hasnizah, Singaporean friend in Jakarta.

Wouldn’t you agree with me this is a warmth-inducing bunch?

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