Practicing to Blog

Perhaps when facing a big change about to take place, one becomes extra contemplative. Maybe that’s why my past few posts said nothing about the things I have made though they do have a presence on Instagram. (sorry couldn’t resist) Just the other day #1 was remarking how the blog is pushed aside by social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter (nope have not ‘discovered’ that yet and WILL NOT go into it) and FB offering instantaneous bite-sized connection for the time-starved and increasingly attention-deficit wired generations. He came to the conclusion after observing my low blog-readership and in a moment of denial, I am tempted to agree with him to avoid confronting the fact that I have not been working very hard at it for 3 months! A look at the fantastic blogs I follow via email tells me just that I need to blog regularly. I know I had written about this earlier but obviously the fierce determination then has not come to very much.


You know how sometimes you can be mucking around and something just hits you hard on your head and sends you straight to “O!” heaven? I got lucky today. It all began with Cynthia of Words + Images liking a recent post of mine. I got curious about her blog, snooped around a bit, found some gorgeous photography and links. Got curious about a link and the next thing I know, I was reading an excerpt from The True Secret of Writing by Natalie Goldberg about, well, writing and getting hit hard on the head. Express service to “O!” heaven!

An Excerpt from What is Practice?
It’s something you choose to do on a regular basis with no vision of an outcome;the aim is not improvement, not getting somewhere. You do it because you do it. You show up whether you want to or not. Of course, at the beginning it’s something that you have chosen, that you wanted, but a week, a month in, you often meet resistance. Even if you love it, inertia, obstacles arise: I can make better use of my time, I’m tired, I’m hungry, this is stupid, I need to listen to the evening news. Here’s where you have an opportunity to meet your own mind, to examine what it does, its ploys and shenanigans. That’s ultimately what practice is: arriving at the front — and back door — of yourself. You set up do something consistently over a long period of time — and simply watch what happens with no idea of good or bad, gain or loss. No applause — and no criticism.

This is exactly what I need to do. PRACTICE. Even when I am not inspired, even when I meet resistance and am overly-critical of myself despite whatever I said in my minifesto and here.

Goodness knows where I’ll be with yet another declaration of commitment. Let’s see after 2 months shall we?

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