Walking and Monologue

Anyone who’s been to Jakarta knows that this is hardly a walking city with pavements needing a bit more TLC and air that can do with filtration. Not a problem as metered taxis are everywhere and taxi fares low enough to not give anyone a cardiac arrest even when caught in macet, the infamous Jakartan traffic jam. The price of cars and cost of employing a personal driver (for traffic-wary road users) are also relatively affordable. These are of course relative judgements based on the ever sky-rocketing premium on goods and services in Singapore.

Considering all these factors, there is really no reason for us to walk anywhere. I suppose it is precisely this that we found ourselves defying logic and, to some, common sense to go on walking expeditions around the apartment.

We’ve walked from the apartment to Gandaria City (very short walk),

Pasar Mayestik (short walk),

Blok M Square(medium long walk) and

Plaza Senayan (long walk).

As daunting as it may sound, it is not so bad at all.

Look at the boys go!

Getting close...

Getting close…

Walk to SenPla 2

Mister M distracting himself from the walk-fatigue.

Walk to SenPla 3


Monologue. This is where we concluded our jaunt.

After all that walking, you bet this gang of 3 is going to indulge in some serious all-day breakfast foods…

Seriously studying the menu.

Seriously studying the menu.




My Monologue Croque Monsieur.

…as well as fun, eye-candy interior!

Modern scandinavian meets retro-shabby chic.

Modern scandinavian meets retro-shab chic.

Loo message.

Loo message.

Mister getting ready to create.

Mister getting ready to create.

With yummy food lining our bellies, drinks(solid coffee and, ooohh!!!, my Macha Pistachio blended icy drink!) soothing our parched throats and the interior that made us(especially yours truly) very happy, the walk was very well worth it indeed! 🙂

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