Award Tags

It is always nice to tell someone he or she has done a good job. It is even nicer to present the recognition in the form of a tag to a 10 year-old boy who, logically speaking, would not care whether the dishes are washed, dried and put away or whether the laundry is collected and folded neatly or whether the trash is where it should be.

So on the day Mister M surprised Mummy by doing the above and more, Mummy did what she loves to do for the kid she loves to bits:

Award Tag Make Something

Out came the remaining polka dots she had cut and stashed earlier on. After the white and black dots of differing sizes and textures have been assembled, on goes the message written with a gold pen. It never hurts to be glamourous.

Award and pen

Fixing the pin is really easy in 2 steps:
1) Position the pin.

Award pin 1
2) Fix a little strip of decorative tape in place.

Award pin

Naturally, after all that hard work, our awardee is fast asleep before the lights go out…

Award on boy asleep

I better go to bed too!

Good night!

dot on dot signature


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