The End and The Beginning

24 JUNE 2013

24 June 2013. That’s the day Mister M and I conclude our chapter in Jakarta to go back to Singapore. Finally booked tickets and personal belongings are in the process of being packed to be transported.

Though unexpectedly short, the past 11 months has been a relaxing, rejuvenating and highly productive period of time. I created whatever comes to mind, sewed, blogged,  learnt a new language, explored new places, drove on my own, ate from roadside stalls, walked around, marveled at houses that are bigger than they look, made friends, tasted delicious food, bargained at the pasar, read some, volunteer-taught and learned to be a better parent.

Every interaction and observation offered new perspectives on life and the person I want to be.

Mister M also had a taste of a different approach to learning which he greatly enjoyed.

With 52 days more to go, I will now begin to collect my memories of this frenzied, warm and colourful gem of a city that’s been a great home to our Gang of Three.

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