Today Is The Day!

Today Is The Day!

It’s official.

I am a Procrastinator.

On no please do not misunderstand! I love keeping busy with this and that and when I get too busy, I crash and overdo the languishing and sitting on things, procrastinate.

Highly addictive, this Procrastination.

A disease, this Procrastination.

To cure it, one must understand it. To understand it, one must research it. To research it, one must google it.

And google I did! Found many sayings by famous and not-so-famous people about it. Some sound like sermons (those of course did not go down so well), some are old-fashioned and archiac (boring in other words) and some are hilarious (my favourite!). Procrastination is definitely a very common affliction. While I can waste more time and “boohoohoo” about having wasted time (though it is my believe that time is never wasted, not even when one is sitting around doing nothing for sitting around is something right?), I would rather spring into action right here and now. That will at least do justice to the time I spent lazing around, just taking it easy.

Since Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday according to
Don Marquis, I shall now attempt to catch up with the yesterdays passed.

Till tomorrow!

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  a.k.a. The DGW


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