Speech Bubbles Craft

Yeh I managed it before the week ends! Here are my speech bubbles for Ale’s Craft-A-Day project! 🙂

1) Speech Bubble Accordian Book 

Mateen's pressie

This is the birthday poem by Dr. Seuss I featured in my previous post. I might talk a bit more about the design decision if I’m feeling indulgent (which I am usually not I assure you!) but let’s focus on the speech bubble accordian book on the bottom left corner. It doesn’t look anything like an accordian in this photograph I know. Sorry. I was certain I have taken shots with it open somewhere. Just can’t seem to find it now 😦 Anyhow it is really easy to make. I promise to come back with a tutorial later in the day.

2) Speech Bubble Labels and Birthday Cake Label

Talked about these earlier but here they are again!

Mateen's pie speech bubble

gift tag template

gift tag 2

Speech bubble Collage

Do you have a speech bubble craft going on too? Or ideas for other uses of speech bubbles? Let’s talk about it 🙂

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 a.k.a. The DGW


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