Ready . Get set . GO!

Nasyitah is backHello! The DGW is back 🙂

There are wonders two weeks of hiatus can do for a blog noob. Things were just getting a tad too heavy-going. Blogging is supposed to be fun, not serious. So it was necessary to stay away though I know two weeks in cyberspace is a long time.

As I stated in my Minifesto,

1) I will be true to myself.

2) I will not be pressured.

3) I will develop this blog into the best blog for myself.

4) I will not be overly cerebral.

5) I will blog as long as I enjoy it.

Now that I have set things right, here is an introduction to the new Colours of the DGW.

For a start, I found this theme that just clicked with me. I love the fact that lots of pictures can be viewed at one time. Visuals always speak to me more than text. I must make sure my photographs say something now mustn’t I?

For those who have been following me, you would have noticed by now that I am writing this post in first person. I really do enjoy writing in third person but first person feels right now. You can be sure there will be a mix of voices from now on to keep things varied and more interesting (I hope!).

Other changes include who Nasyitah the DGW is in ABOUT; streamlining, reorganization and renaming of the pages to just 3: ART & CRAFT, JAKARTA SOJOURN and A.O.T..

Art, craft and sewing inspirations, ideas and projects are now filed together under ART & CRAFT. To be more focused in my creative journey, I shall be guided in Quarter 1 – January to March – by the theme of:

Pleats and DotsPleats and dots collage

Check out my Pinterest board to sneak a peak at all that is swimming in my brains.

I will also participate in the projects of fellow creatives, the first is none other than knitter, blogger, photographer and fellow mom Alessandra of homemade@myplace.  You might remember me speaking about her before. She started this Craft-A-Day year-long project which I think is really cool. I don’t think I can keep up with the intense rate at which Ale works as there are many back-dated projects and requests to be completed but I really like the speech bubble theme for the week. What will I be making? It has got to be something functional. You’ll see! Hopefully I can complete it in time to link it here!

That’s all for now. What do you think of the revamped Colours? Let’s talk 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Ready . Get set . GO!

  1. You have this gift : you are able to surprise me each time I come to visit your blog!!! Thank you!!!
    I like the fresh style of your blog and I really enjoy that you are writing in first person!!!
    all the best for this new start!!!!!
    xxxx Ale

    • Glad you approve of the new format and very happy to offer something new on my blog. I am most afraid of being stagnant and not changing. Changing for the better of course 🙂 Working on my speech bubble post to link to your blog! 😉 See you soon!

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