The DGW’s Minifesto


This is the day the DGW took the plunge and started this online journal to track and share her adventures in Jakarta.

It has been a most exhilarating 6 months and 2 days of adjusting to a new rhythm of life, exploring the many eateries, discovering the self she has left behind for awhile, creating like she has never done before and totally enjoying recording and sharing these new experiences with family and friends back home and in other parts of the world. She is also enjoying the cyberspace connections she is able to make with other like-minded people and being inspired by them. People like the superbly supportive and generous Katherine of Pillows ala Mode, Alessandra of Homemade @ My Place with her burst-of-colours knits and crafts (who also happens to be a really fun fellow school mom) and Trina of LaLaLovely whose recent post inspired this one.

Here goes the question:

Which is the way forward 2

1) I will be as true to myself as I had set out to be in my posts.

2) I will not be pressured into playing the numbers game, plagued by the need to constantly grow this little piece of cyberspace and increase readership.

3) I will develop this little space of mine into the best little plot I can because I want to and not because it will get me more followers even though I am really excited by the emails that inform me of another follower and more ‘like’s.

4) I will not be overly cerebral and self-critical about what and how I write while writing.

5) I will blog as long as I enjoy it.

With this, the DGW seeks your understanding as she takes leave for a while to get the house in order. In the mean time, she will still be hanging out at the Colours of the Domestic Goddess FaceBook page as well as Pinterest.

See you soon!


3 thoughts on “The DGW’s Minifesto

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