The DGW Loves Dots

The DGW has loved polka dots for a long time now.

Why the dot? Why not? It’s the most interesting and whimsical shape with endless possibilities.

Check out the dotty art by eccentric Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.


The artwork has a really interesting concept behind it. Read about it here.

yayoi-kusama pumpkinThe DGW’s favourite shape on one of her favourite vegetables. What’s there not to like about this painting?

Though the DGW’s commitment and dedication to the humble dot is nowhere near Kusama’s (the DGW’s philosophy remains “less is more”), the polka dot features very often in her work too. It sometimes pops up unannounced and grows into something that makes the DGW smile a lot.

Like this wall installation in the guest room. A harmonious marriage of the DGW’s desire to turn some corrugated cards into dots and the coffee filter wall art she saw on Pinterest.

Guest room art Frontal

Here are some more views of the DGW’s polka dot corrugated board blooms.

Guest room art

Then the DGW received a brochure covered with… you guessed it! Dots! Here’s what she did to the brochure.

IMG_6169After they were grouped into concentric circles, the DGW didn’t know what to do with them so in they went to the box for a rainy day.

The rainy days arrived (it is literally the rainy season in Jakarta now) and so did the DGW’s first visitor of 2013. In preparation for the visit, the DGW designed this new piece of work with the brochure concentric circles, repurposed framed picture and black scrap-booking card to welcome the guest.

TGuest room art 2


The DGW hopes her guest finds the artwork a beautiful one that makes her feel at home!

Then there are these round cork coasters the DGW bought from her favourite store in Singapore a while ago.


This is what they become:


Dotty modular notice pin boards to replace the old rectangular one-piece.

What the DGW would like next is a dotty wall like this.

Will it materialise? Only time will tell.


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