Welcoming 2013 With Food And … (You Guessed It!) Love

Continuing this post on the 9th day of January because wifi was down yesterday:

Today is the day! 8th January 2013. The DGW is back in Jakarta and finally ready to commence creating and blogging with gusto.

Since she sent 2012 off with a tribute to Mumsy, she will start 2013 by remembering Daddy R’s happy shining face when he visited last October.

Daddy'O's First Day at the Jewel of Gandaria.

Daddy R’s First Day at the Jewel of Gandaria.

Throughout the two weeks, Daddy R ate, worked out, got massaged, surfed the net and hung out with Mister M in style!

Things Dad likes to do in Jakarta Collage

The DGW has never seen him look so satisfied and happy before. It makes her really satisfied and happy too 🙂

The foodie that Daddy R is, the DGW to extra care to serve him wholesome and meals when not eating out: Beef curry, ikan bilis (anchovies) fried rice, mushroom pasta and green barley noodles, all of which he ate happily.

The next time Daddy R visits, the DGW will make a favourite dish of the Jakarta Gang of Three: The Meat-o-Veg-o Burger for him. Here’s the recipe for the patty. You’ll see why it is a favoured dish of both diners and cook 🙂

The Meat-o-Veg-o Burger Patty


 200 g                             fresh ground beef (rinsed and drained of blood)

3 large cloves             garlic, minced

1 large bulb                 onion, chopped as finely as possible

2-4 ears                         white button mushroom

1 large                            carrot, peeled and grated

2 huge handfuls          chopped spinach (Fresh leaves. If frozen, use 1 cup. Thaw and squeeze the water out.)

1 cup                               instant oats

1/2 cup                          plain flour

1                                     egg

1/2 cup                          grated cheddar cheese

1 tsp                               paprika

1 tsp                               Italian herbs (store-bought mix)

1/2 tsp                           black pepper

1/2 tsp                           sea salt

An appropriate amount of olive oil for pan-frying the patties


Throw all the ingredients into a big bowl and mix well. Form them into patties and pan-fry in a pre-heated and oiled non-stick pan for about 3 minutes per side.


That’s it! It is really as easy as it looks! The best thing about this recipe is that it is easily modified. You can substitute beef with chicken and swop the vegetables suggested for others e.g. zucchini and kale. The trick is to make sure you chop whatever you use as finely as possible or if you prefer some texture, leave them in bigger pieces. You can also decide how you want to shape the mixture. The DGW has tried the conventional round patty as well as squares and sausage-like. The round ones are obviously meant for burger buns while the square ones make good sandwiches and the sausage-like ones are good substitutes for the nitrate-and-all-sorts-of-chemical laden store-bought sausages the DGW does not fancy.

Apologies about the lack of photographs of the burger, sandwich and “hot dog” mentioned.

But that’s not going to stop you from trying this super easy and tasty recipe out right?

Does it work for you? How did you personalise this recipe? The DGW looks forward to you sharing your thoughts with her.

Till the next post!


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