The Stoned Collection

The end of 2012 seemed to be all about food. Perhaps it is in response to a friend commenting that she would love to see food posts, the foodie she is.  Perhaps it is because the DGW is herself a foodie too and loves the expressions on people’s faces brought on by food, good or bad. Whatever the reasons are, the food posts are here to stay.

Happy as she is about this new development, the DGW is eager to share some of her other loves today: accessories, making, packaging and gifting them.

It all began because Christmas was around the corner and the DGW wanted to make her gifts instead of giving store-bought ones. A trip to Pasar Mayestik with her unofficial Jakarta guide and dear friend N ended up with her hauling back lots of goodies that made her very happy. There was the cheery butterfly motif batik, discounted and gorgeous upholstery fabric and strings of stones in their coordinating lilac, green and white hues.

The fabric has been made into a throw for the living room couch while the batik is awaiting its turn to be transformed into Baby V’s Chinese New Year dress. The stones became the DGW’s Stoned Collection consisting of a less-is-more statement necklace, brooches, bracelet and pouch embellishments.

Here’s a look at the pieces in the collection.

#1 The Less-Is-More Statement Necklace

Vanessa's necklace collage

It has been a while since the DGW made statement pieces after the phoenix (also seen here) so it was a bit of a struggle to get started. She finally got the paired-down version (middle photo) of what she had in mind originally after 2 tries. The final product is definitely worth the attempts and less is definitely more.

#2 The Be-Stoned-And-Pinned Brooches

With a whole bunch of stones left, the DGW decided to push on while she’s at it. Gathering some odd pieces of pleather harvested from a much-loved satchel, she proceeded to cut, sew and attach.

Stoned brooches collage

While the DGW was busying herself with the brooches, Mister M began quietly to create his very first bracelet for the DGW. What a pleasant surprise it is.

Mateen's bracelet for mummy 2 Collage

#3 N’s Be-Stoned-And-Pinned Brooch and Stoned-And-Charmed Bracelet

The DGW’s final piece for the Stoned Collection is a charm bracelet inspired by and made specially for N who just celebrated her birthday. The stones are transformed into charms and attached to the plain chain bracelet.

Nia's present Collage

To protect the pieces, the DGW created a protective pouch with pockets from bubble-wrap. All you need is needle, thread and bubble-wrap! See how snugly the brooch and bracelet sit in the pockets (far right photograph).

bubble wrap pockets collage

Finally, the DGW designed a pouch, card and envelop with more stones, matching fabric and paper to complete the gift package.

Nia's Present collage 2

What a joy it has been for the DGW to see the entire collection grow so organically. Look out for more pieces she will be creating for it. Coming to you soon at The Shop.

The DGW is also looking for a theme for the Q1/2013 collection for the young ones. She really likes the collection Jessica of Me Sew Crazy put together based on the phrase “love on the line”. You can find a theme-related sewing project tutorial by her here. Do you have any suggestions for the DGW? Quirky, plain, sweet, funny, cerebral, simple, weird, the DGW welcomes them all.



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