Chocolate Chip Cookies

The DGW made a new friend today!

Have you checked out the absolutely delish-looking chocolate chip cookies recipe she posted?

It is a perfect-fit for the electric-mixerless DGW who is off to the supermarket to get the ingredients she needs!

The Vegan Virtuoso

I’m one of those people who will curse you into the fiery pits of Hell if you trick me into thinking an oatmeal-raisin cookie is actually chocolate chip. No excuse of “The light is bad” or “I could have sworn the chips were on the left side of the container” will save you. Consider yourself condemned to roasting.

That said, it should be obvious that a chocolate chip cookie recipe is taken pretty seriously in our household. While we were happy to learn that Oreos are accidentally vegan, it’s essentially impossible (at least, at the moment) to find a chip cookie in regular grocery stores that satisfies the Vegan Requirement.

I tried several chocolate chip cookie recipes before giving up and adapting my own. Most contained canola oil, which always leaves the cookies feeling greasy, or Earth Balance. I don’t care for the taste of EB in the large…

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