Letting Go of 1993-2012

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This unfinished painting sat in a corner of the study for the longest time and when the time came for the big move from Singapore to Jakarta, the DGW made the bold decision to let it go.

It was a painting that she started 20 years ago for a prestigious competition. Even though she was unable to complete it in time, the DGW harboured hopes to see it finished. It seemed such a waste to let go of something she had invested time, effort and money on. However, hopes remained hopes and as time passed the DGW forgot how to continue the painting. Or maybe she never knew how to do it in the first place. Perhaps both painter and painting were trying too hard to be philosophical and ended up cerebral and distant.

Chucking it out is definitely one of the best things the DGW could have done for herself. A brand new canvas for a brand new city and the license to create as she likes.

Woohoo! Freedom feels good!

The DGW is never looking back!

What about you? What is the best thing you have done for yourself in 2012 and what do you look forward to in 2013?


4 thoughts on “Letting Go of 1993-2012

  1. You know what! I did many similar things this summer when I returned to the PORE. I tossed old love letters, old art work (was very reluctant to let those go…but …luggage is expensive on airplanes now)…gave away my ceramic pieces, gave books away…I felt a sense of freedom when I tore up those words, heartbreaks, tears, hopes, disappointment and dreams. Somehow those things will always be with me and their physical presence didn’t matter any more…..

    • You’re right! That’s what I was telling myself the whole time I have to throw and give away things that I have accumulated over the years. Someone told me I am a hoarder. I guess I am because at the back of my head there is this fear that if I get rid of the physical object I will slowly forget too. This is especially so when I witness the aged besieged by the diseases of forgetting. Then I tell myself whether I look like I remember or not eventually to others is not the issue for like you said, all the experiences, words, emotions and beauty will be with me always. They made me who I am 🙂

    • Many thanks for the affirmative response 🙂 Perhaps you are right. It is finished though in my mind I keep thinking it is not. Maybe that’s why I was able to let go of it and start another painting 🙂

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