One Last Day to 2013

Food is Love

Perhaps the near passing of a year makes one nostalgic.

Perhaps growing old makes one treasure relationships more.

Perhaps the experience of being away from home intensifies kinship between people.

Still awake when everyone is asleep, the DGW is finally completing the post that she began a while ago,

the one about food and love and family.


In this world, some love by denying foods to those whom they think will be harmed more than be nourished by them.

Some, on the other hand, express love by keeping the kitchen saturated with aromas of mouth-watering fare, stocked with snacks of all varieties and the dining table topped with delicious offerings – tasty, oily, coconuty, spicy, sweet and salty dishes.

Growing up chubby and subsequently marrying into a food-loving clan, the DGW has experienced them both and appreciates their value.

Love, to the DGW, must be tasty but at the same time delivered in healthy doses, like this plate of spaghetti with spicy, salty and sweet sambal chilli eggplant, a simple fusion of Malay and Italian fare both she and her husband love.
Sambal eggplant pasta
The easiest way to whip up the dish is to sauté pre-grilled eggplant slices in store-bought sambal chilli paste before adding spaghetti to the mixture and toss.

However, love very often takes one onto the harder route of homemade sauces.

Join the DGW tomorrow, the day before 2013, when she reveals the sambal eggplant spaghetti recipe.


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