3 Days to 2013

The fourth day before 2013 is one of food and family togetherness. Two things the DGW loves other than her obsession with making things.

The day began with a warm cup of lemon-juiced water and a seriously good masala tosai (pronouced toe-say) (also known as dosa). For those who have not heard of, much less tasted, this South Indian dish, it is essentially a pancake made from rice flour batter and stuffed with a mixture of potatoes, carrots, mixed vegetables and spices. Unfortunately the DGW was so excited wolfing down the tosai that she has been craving for (Jakarta is not the place for masala tosai) that she forgot to take a photo to show you. Have no fear though! All is not lost yet thanks to Google 😉 Here’s a pic and a recipe courtesy of Kothiyavunu.com:

20121228-230809.jpg The DGW can still taste the crispy-on the-outside, soft-inside pancake filled with fragrant spiced potatoes and vegetables soaked in thick coconut chutney, spicy dhal and sweet but fiery sambal (chilli ‘sauce’). Ooaawwwwwwwwww… It was so good that the DGW couldn’t stop at one! Somehow the combination of great food and loved ones always makes the DGW eat more. Does it happen to you too?

Alright. The psychology of this observed behaviour belongs to another post. Let’s talk about something else now.

Fast forward to lunch.

20121228-232721.jpg Mom and Dad/Aunt and Uncle with

20121228-232852.jpgson, nephew and niece (from right to left). It was a precious few hours of hilarious quips, cousin-ly banter, pasta, burger, baked rice, fish and chips, Gong Cha (Taiwanese-style bubble tea), Old Chang Kee (curry puffs and fryables specialist) and macaroons.

Ah but all these are only a prelude to the weekly grand gathering of the Woodlands Gang over gorgeous food, a ritual that the DGW misses, home away from home in Jakarta. Hopefully she doesn’t get carried away and forget to take photographs again!

To wrap the already glorious day up, the DGW participated in her sister-in-law’s first attempt at the Red Velvet cupcake.

20121228-234656.jpgTrivia: How did three eggs yield five yolks?

20121228-234812.jpgWho wouldn’t love these splashes of colour?

20121228-234854.jpgWhisked butter and sugar.

20121228-234945.jpgReady for the oven.

20121228-235007.jpgFrom the oven to the cooling rack.

With seven minutes left to the second day before 2013, the DGW will sign off now and return tomorrow with an exclusive of the Red Velvet cupcakes!


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