4 Days to 2013

The DGW will begin her 4-day countdown to the new year. Why 4 days? Why not? Enough of languishing in decadent lethargy. There is no better time then now to spring into action. To make up for the lack of activity for more than two weeks and to catch up with back-dated posts, the DGW will be posting at least one new entry a day. Promise! One made to be kept.

To begin, the DGW detoxified with a refreshing fruit salad concoction of apples, oranges, cherries, blue berrries, dried figs, raisins and raw mixed nuts laced with a squeeze of zesty lemon juice.

Too sour? Not at all! The tangy juice actually sharpens the flavour of all the other fruits and soften the raw nuts a little, making them just crunchy enough. Plus, the sour fruit packs a load of wholesome goodness. The DGW loves a huge warm cup of water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning too to wake her insides up: GOOD MORNING! šŸ˜€
Here are a couple of links to check out if you are interested to find out more about lemony goodness: Benefits of Raw Lemon, Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

With that, let’s raise our cup of warm lemon water to a healthier and happier 2013! šŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “4 Days to 2013

  1. Hello Goddess – This looks great and comes at a time when we should be weaning ourselves off all those delicious (but fattening) cookies we’ve being enjoying lately. Have you read the UNdomestic Goddess? It’s a riot!

    • Hey Vinny! Yup tell me about it! I’m trying to rid my addiction to chocolates, cakes, cheeses, fried snacks, creamy sauces and the list goes on! Thanks for the heads up about the UNdomestic Goddess šŸ™‚ Googling her up now.

      Catch you around! šŸ™‚


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