That’s how long the DGW took this morning to learn more about WordPress, tidy up and (hopefully) improve this blog.

Painful but necessary and way overdue.

These are the things she found out:

1) The difference between “categories” and “tags” and why they are useful. The DGW started to create categories and tags to add a few of the most recent posts. It is simply too exhausting to go all the way back to post 1. The only option is to look forward. Hopefully this will help you to find what you are looking for quicker.

2) “Blogroll” and “links” are the same. The DGW has tidied up the links to the blogs she follows and will be adding more soon. Check them out if you can. They are really pretty amazing in their own ways and inspire the DGW to constantly do the best she can!

3) The DGW figured out how to add the Pinterest button to the blog. Join her as she captures and pins incredible ideas from all over the world wide web as well as her steadily growing creations.

Pinterest logo for blog entry

Just click on the “P” nestled in a red dot (as above) on the blog to follow the DGW on Pinterest. You can also click HERE to reach the site.

4) Beginning with “A Lego Playdate” post, the DGW will be adding a feedback form at the end of every post. Do let her know what you think: the good, the bad and the in-betweens.

5) Back up EVERYTHING! This is one thing the DGW has yet done and needs to take care of urgently… tomorrow.

After all that work, it is time for the DGW to indulge in a little beauty snooze.


One last thing:

If you have not already done it, follow the DGW on FaceBook and via email for the latest updates.

Simply click the respective buttons on the right and you are set!

Till the DGW writes again.


Do let the DGW know what you think of this entry  by using the feedback form below:


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