A Lego Playdate

And so the time has come for the DGW to organise a playdate.

This playdate concept is really new for the DGW. Well back in Singapore when kids want to play they just play. Over here, it takes a bit of coordination because of geographical and logistical issues.

Since it is the first playdate and the DGW has just that little streak of perfectionism, she spent time researching, preparing and decorating for it.

Here’s a look at what she was up to:

1) Research, research, research, research, research, research, research and research! The abundance of ideas available on the net never ceases to amaze the DGW. Some ideas are more doable than others and most are really party ideas rather than for playdates. The boy was skeptical about the need for such elaborate steps just for him to play with a few friends but the DGW, inspired by all those supermums and party planners out there, refused to let his skepticism douse her enthusiasm.

2) After getting all fired up, the DGW drew up a TO-DO list. Many of the items got struck off eventually as she too realised the absurdity of what she planned to do.


3) Since the display on the shoe cabinet was feeling dated, the DGW decided this was the perfect opportunity to refresh it. She enlisted the boy’s help to arrange the display using the Ninjago cards and Lego mini figures he has amassed.







More Lego Mini Figures Put to Use Atop The Television.

4) Then the DGW chanced upon this fantastic idea of a home-made Lego wrapper and thought it would be a fun pre-playdate activity to create a Lego paper “tablecloth”.

It was indeed fun but the boy also got really tired. That confirmed his earlier suspicions but the DGW was not to be stopped! Poor boy.


Lego blocks were used to print on brown paper.




The Co-Creator.


Star Placemats and Orange Serving Tiers To Add Colour. 


(Unfortunately the DGW forgot to take pictures of the set table, something she regrets till today.)

5) Earlier, the DGW had drawn several Lego cubes on scrap pieces of foam not knowing what she will do with them. Seems like the boy had in mind the perfect place for them.



6) Eventually the boys decided to play Ninjago with their Lego mini figures from the surprise packs.


Introducing the Rabbit, the Nerd and the Dare Devil.


On hindsight, the DGW agrees that she has indeed gone a tad overboard for a playdate but

what is done is done.

Most importantly she had loads of fun! 🙂


No Regrets.

After this experience, the DGW shall look forward to the next legitimate reason she has to dream up and create another themed party, inspired of course by all the other internet supermums!


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