Decoupage Door Signages

The DGW really enjoys the art of decoupage after trying her hands at a few projects earlier. (See herehere and here for a tutorial.) She loves being able to feel the surfaces and textures of what she is working with though it always gets a bit messy and sticky.

No prizes for guessing what the DGW proceeded to do after deciding she was going to add some interest and colours to the mundane cream doors in the apartment.

Decoupage Be Our Guest

This is for the guest room. After the sign was created, matching colours from the origami paper collection were selected for the decoupage work on the white frame.


The pieces of paper were first torn into strips.



Then it was just about going with the flow and see what happens.


There you go: Be Our Guest! 🙂

Now for the master bedroom.


The DGW decided that it is not going to be haphazard this time round. With a bit of layout experimentation and clever cropping and over-laying, this is what she managed to conjure:


The black and pink complemented each other perfectly.


Unfortunately the mod podge ran out and the DGW had to substitute white glue for it. Verdict: White glue has way thicker consistency and does not produce as fine a surface as mod podge.


The DGW definitely needs more Mod Podge!


3 thoughts on “Decoupage Door Signages

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