Buzz Buzz Buzsy ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz……….

It’s way past bedtime but the DGW’s head is abuzz-ed with ideas and projects to be completed or embarked on:

1) Excited about Sekolah Bisa later. The DGW created worksheets to help the children learn more effectively. Let’s see how useful the worksheets are!

2) Poppy painting for the new living space needs to be worked on. It feels too harsh and the frame is definitely too orange.


3) “The Shop” needs to be developed. FAST!

4) The BIS cookbook cover design needs to be worked on. Right now, it doesn’t spell “Funky and Fun”.


5) Decoupage to welcome the December guests. Yippee! 🙂


6) The Hand Project definitely needs updating as well. An eloquently simple photograph far surpasses a thousand words.


“How many hours do we have in a day again?” asks the DGW.

The question will, she hopes, be answered in her dreams.

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