A New Living Space III

The DGW is a lost cause when it comes to being organised.

All that talk about splitting up the space into smaller pockets and spending this-and-this number of weeks on this and that-and-that number of days on that remains, you guessed it, just talk.

Actions speak louder than words.

For sure.

In the DGW’s case, it just happens to be organic action. A little bit here, something there.

Canvas. “Framed” and to be painted on.

Temporary couch cover that sheds too much. The bits and pieces above the couch as well as the throw pillow covers are definitely going in time too. 

The first chair cover after a painful day and night.

A work-in-progress dining set. The new chair covers definitely brightened up the dining area. The Lego brick-printed paper “table cloth” just gave the DGW ideas for the next table dressing. Look out for it!

Some of the DGW’s favourite colours and motifs.

Side-tracked by #3’s Lego playdate.

Arrangement by #3 for his playdate.

Got rid of the outdated, tacky Chinese New Year deco. More will go.

#3’s idea. They’ll go in a week.

YUP! A little bit here, something there is just the way the DGW likes it.

Stay tuned for “A New Living Space Part IV”!


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