Button Tutorial

Personalised buttons are really fun and easy to make! 🙂

Pop on those buttons to any project and they add an immediate ZING! and personal touch.

Check out this tutorial and very soon you’ll be beaming and buttoning away! 😀

Materials Needed:

* Covered button making kit from Daiso.

* Assorted fabric and trimmings. Thin cotton is the best. 


* Needle and yarn (Optional. Only if you want to add embroidered details.)

The Steps:

1. With the template provided in the pack, trace circles on the selected fabric.

2. Add embellishments. I used a sewing machine to attach small bits of fabric to the main grey one. Fabric glue can be used to but be sure to let it dry before you use it for the buttons.

3. Cut the circles out.

4. Place the fabric circles right-side down onto the plastic button maker. Be sure to centre the fabric circle before positioning the metal cap.

5. Push the metal cap firmly into place and press the exposed fabric circle into the back of the metal cap before putting the metal button backing on. Then position the yellow button fixer and press down hard. The thicker your fabric is the harder you have got to press.

Finally, pop the finished button out of the plastic button maker and there you go! The button the way you like it! 🙂

6. Now if you are up to something that takes a bit more effort, you could embroider some designs onto the fabric circle before using it.

Marking out the design.


 Done! 🙂

Here is a set of buttons I created for my Batik and Lace series.

Enjoy making your buttons! 🙂

You can of course also buy the ones I made here. ;D


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