A New Living Space Part I

Welcome to Apartemen Permata Gandaria!

This is the apartment we moved into.

Not exactly my style but decent enough and definitely has potential to be more.

To make it our space, this was what I did given a very short time and budgetary constraints:

The Picture Collage Wall and Other Bric-A-Brac.

With the throw cushions in place, nic-nacs displayed and photographs of ourselves and loved-ones back home, as well as art by visiting family and friends firmly stuck on the wall, APG began to feel more like home 🙂

Now it is time to refresh the space and I have been busy sniffing around for mind-blowing decorating ideas. Check out my Pinterest board for some really awesome finds! My goal is to complete redecorating one identified area per week but from the look of things, work on this area might very well stretch to two weeks!

Good thing I am not in a hurry. Haste makes waste! 🙂

Ideas for the new space:

– Remove the present collage and hang painted drapery above the 3-seater.

– Make covers for the sofa seats as the original material is really scratchy! 

– Arrange the black, red and pine framed mirrors in a verticle row next to the drapery. 

– New table setting and bric-a-brac.

Would love to have a rug too but that’s totally impossible and impractical given the rate at which dust settles here! :s

All right then! This DGW will leave you to work your imagination and return with am artist impression of what the space will look like eventually! 🙂


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