Slipper Tutorial

It has been a week since the  slipper lesson I conducted at Sekolah Bisa. Here’s a look at the finished products hanging proudly in school.

Slippers For Our Feet, by Anik, Ella, Fini, Rahmat, Rendi and Rohhmat. Acrylic finger-printing and pencil on foam sheet with buttons and thread, 28 September 2012.

Slippers For Our Feet On The Wall.

The lesson got me thinking. This is a very simple activity that can be used in any classroom to suit a variety of learning outcomes!

Thus, I present to you my slipper making tutorial adapted from the Janome one that inspired my lesson.

This is especially dedicated to my fellow educators who are still doing what they do because of the belief in the transformative power of education. (Ok I’m cringing now at the sappiness of the last phrase but I just HAVE to say it! :p) 


1. Template for the left and right slipper.
2. Cutting mat. (This blue one is from Daiso for only $2. You can of course use old magazines or newspaper to protect your work surface.)
3. Pen knife.
4. Scissors.
5. Black permanent marker.
6. Wire twisties.
7. Card stock. (You can also use any type of paper, foam sheets or heavy duty felt pieces as the main material.)


Print the templates below using A4 paper and transfer them onto the main material you have chosen for the project. I created the template based on my 7.5 shoe size but it can be easily re-scaled. 

I am using card stock for this tutorial but you can use any material available.

Right Slipper Template.

Left Slipper Template.

Cut the shape after it is transferred onto the card stock. You will need a penknife to cut the inset line and points A1, A2 and B.

Slipper Base With A Cut Inset Line.


Begin creating your artwork. The design can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. My students at Sekolah Bisa decorated their foam sheet slippers with acrylic finger-printing.  I have decided to stick to the humble black marker and create a design using only lines and dots. If you are using heavy duty felt, this can even become an embroidery exercise.


The Completed Design, Back.

The Completed Design, Front.


Fold the wire twisty into half and insert one end each into A1 and A2 before inserting both ends into B and turning the ends of the twisty as seen in the picture below.

The Slipper With The Wire Twisty In Place.

Another View Of The Slipper.

An alternative to the wire twisty is to secure B onto A1 and A2 using thread and needle. Check out the ones that the Sekolah Bisa kids did as seen in the picture at the beginning of the tutorial.



Now that you have seen the tutorial, it is time to try it!

I’d love to see your creations so do send me pictures of your/your children’s/your students’ work at when you are done! 🙂

Happy creating! 😀 




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